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Percubaan menulis dalam bahasa PSMI :D

I just finished watching this Japanese movie, “10 Promises to My Dog” on Astro Box-office channel. And I realized how cute the dog was, and how awesome the boy was at playing the guitar (*smile*). I got curious, when I saw the promo on TV, so I asked my hubby to pay more for that Japanese movie ha! ha!

Pay more for the movie that made me cry. Well, almost all movies make me cry (heck, even “Enchanted” made me cry, and it’s supposed to be a happy movie huhu...). But this had me crying for 15 minutes or so. Damn. My head hurts from crying so much. And it didn’t help that I watched this past midnight, so I had to stifle my sobs or else risk waking everyone else up here at home. (Right now, it’s 1:48 am.)

Here’s the synopsis:

Akari is a 14-year-old schoolgirl living in Japan’s Northern island of Hokkaido. One day, a puppy wanders into her yard, looking lost and frightened. She is a Golden Retriever with white paw markings. Akari named her Socks. Akari’s mother consents to her keeping the dog but only after she agrees to keep 10 Promises to Socks. Akari enthusiastically assents and the two begin their journey of growing up together. Akari finds herself having to overcome many changes and challenges: the tragedy of her mother’s death, father’s sudden resignation, coming-of-age, first romantic feelings, career ambitions and her independence. But at every step, Socks is there to provide unquestioning love and support.

(Sob…sob...) very sad story okay! Babe, don’t cry for unnecessary matters ha-ha!

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. But dang, I could relate to so many parts Like coping with drastic changes in your household (after a parent passes away), the joys of getting a new pet (well, I can’t have a dog as a pet), even that recurrent “first love” theme that is almost always present in movies that start with the main character’s childhood (Hoshi played “Canon” on the guitar, Manja played “Don’t you cry tonight” on the guitar too). Maybe that’s why it made me cry. I could relate to it so much that I felt like Akari’s joys were my own, and her pain was also my own.

Warning, SPOILER AHEAD! (Highlight if you want to read it, but don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet! ha-ha! (*smile*). Damn, that song gets me every time I hear it. (Sob...Sob...Feel very sad, when I saw my Coco too) I know it’s probably overused already (countless other dramas and movies). But it’s still dear to my heart. I think I’d cry if a guy was to play this song for me on any musical instrument (but he gets plus points if he plays it on a guitar… ha-ha).
(*this is the “monkey” love story a long, long time ago babe!) ahaks!

And guess what? The song at the end - It’s “Be with You” by BoA. (*Smile again*) Okay, I had no idea she sang for the soundtrack of this movie. So imagine my surprise when the ending credits started rolling and I heard this VERY familiar female voice singing in Japanese. I was like, “WTH, that’s BoA!” But I meant that in a good way. Ha-ha. : D

I recommend this movie to everyone who has a pet. And everyone who doesn’t, (maybe this movie will convince you to get one, ha-ha!). Seriously, it’s a good movie. :D
Sorry, I’m bad at making reviews… I mostly want to enjoy the movie/drama/book/whatever it is. But I am very bad in making reviews (or I never made any review ha-ha)

10 promises to my dog (maybe cat or whatever) made me cry a lot huhu…

Disclaimer: rebiu yang sangat ‘rojak” dan ini ceita semalam.

17 ulasan:

Nizam.Ariff berkata...

Wah...Sister, you sob-sob alone in mid-mid night? The movie must be so sad to you...

amirahsyuhada berkata...

so i decide to not watch this movie, as you said it will make our heart sick.lol

Water Lily berkata...

Yup..yup..sangat sedih. Your sister is hughable animal maa..

Sediakan tisu barang sekotak dua ahaks!

ps:What's a crappy? hahaha..amende aku tulis ntah. Aku tak pass BI masa SPM serius ni hahaha!

cakapaje berkata...

Salam WL,

Hehe, I too cry whenever there's a real touching movie. Well, not really cry, but the tears do trickle :)

aie akaike berkata...

lepas ni jangan akak bela anjing plak.

huh. tak reti la nak ber'psmi'.

Water Lily berkata...

Akak pun tak reti dan berapa suka tulis dalam bahasa PSMI,tapi gatal tangan nak cuba juga. Hasilnya..huh..sangat crappy. Serius dik, akak dapat 9 waktu SPM dulu hahaha!

Waalaikumusalam akhi Shah,
Lama tak ke mari tinggalkan jejak.
Saya suka blog my Neverland tu. Tapi jadi silent reader ja.:)

13may berkata...

what a sad story...hehhe hehhe

tasikmerah berkata...

1 girl plus 1 puppy plus 10 promises equals to a pail of tears.

amacam aku punya ppsmi kak? agak2 menitik tak air mata pak muhyidin?



~~~ kay ~~~ berkata...

sad movies really makes me cry, even if i don't want to. my tears will just flow unintentionally and my kids makes fond of me huhuhu
especially when the movie is about a tragedy and it involves kids/pets... or the main character has an ilness and his/her partner was very affected, i do cry a lot... (lol)
that happened to me everytime i watched movie in cinema, my hubby always said, its only a movie, i really makes him worried hahaha!

Nikotin berkata...

hahaha. baik punyer..

hairieusoff berkata...

love the movie...what dont we make the other version of this movie..using cat...

mugiwara berkata...

ah! kena tgk sorg2 a cmni...
malu a mata merah2 kalu tgk ngan org len...

cakapaje berkata...


Ada law baru tau - takleh jadi silent reader je. Sekali sekala kena bersuara :)

blackpurple @ jowopinter berkata...

Kenapa tak rebiu dalam bahasa Jepun. :D

Water Lily berkata...

Kalau setakat boleh sebut 'wakutashi Mariani des' cam mana nak rebiu dalam bahasa Jepun hehe..

Akhi Shah,
Kadang kala jadi 'silent reader' best juga :)

ye..ye..tengok sorang-sorang. Sediakan tisu/sapu tangan. Kain batik pun boleh haha!

Encik HE,
Nanti kita tanya Puan Yasmin haha!

Ya..filem tu best.Yang teruk,rebiu saya. Entah apa jenis rebiu entah haha!

Jangan nangis,kan cuma filem hahaha!(tak boleh pakai punya nasihat ni..)

Wooha! Jangankan pak muhidin,mohamad son of mohamad termasuk aku juga boleh meraung neh hahaha!

Hang jangan dok teriaq noo..hehe..

pst.pst..apasal pakat2 komen dalam bahasa psmi ni?haha!

日月神教-任我行 berkata...


香草泡芙Landy berkata...